Monitoring of servers, workstations, virtual machines, and Microsoft 365 cloud services.
Quarterly reviews to go over reports and services.

  • Onsite Server and Virtual Machine Data Protection.
    Keep servers, virtual machines, and mission critical desktops protected from data loss and downtime. Onsite appliances will take backups and snapshot images of hard drives several times daily. All backups are sent to the cloud for an extra layer of protection. Quickly restore a single file, or an entire hard drive. Boot up a virtual machine clone of your server in the event of a complete server failure. Work can continue uninterrupted, and the server will be fully restored when functional. All server functions and data are available updated properly. Any backup failure or predicted failure is reported immediately.
  • Endpoint Cloud Continuity Data Protection.
    Backup workstations to prevent data loss and have the ability to restore when needed. This is a more cost-effective solution for non-critical business machines. Backups are taken several times daily and sent to the cloud. The ability to restore a single file, or the entire hard drive image is available.
  • Microsoft 365 SaaS Data Protection.
    Backup e-mail accounts, OneDrive and SharePoint data, and Teams. Recover e-mails in the event of accidental or malicious deletion. Retain e-mail backups even after the account is removed. Protect OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams data from malware, deletion, and revision changes. Retain OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams backups even after the account is removed. Retaining backups from removed accounts is a great way to avoid paying for an extra Microsoft license if you just need to retain user data.
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