Monitoring of software, hardware, patching, users, passwords, ransomware, services, and more.
Quarterly reviews to go over reports and services.

  • Executive summary overview.
    Get a complete overview of your technology status. Quickly identify device management scores and take additional action where needed.
  • Action reporting.
    Proof of work showing all management tasks performed on all devices. Create manual intervention plans for any checks not passing.
  • Patch management activity, simple & detail reports, and summary.
    Proper device patching is essential to daily operations. Missing critical patches can expose vulnerabilities in your infrastructure. Applying untested patches can also create problems.
  • Simple storage reports.
    Get a quick overview of all your storage devices and statuses.
  • Hardware performance monitor reports.
    Timeline metrics will determine if devices need more resources. Improve productivity when devices are running at their full potential. Avoid downtime by preventing maxed out resources before it happens.
  • Hardware lifecycle reports.
    Quickly determine the age of devices and operating systems in your infrastructure. Prevent outdated hardware and software which can lead to vulnerabilities and downtime.
  • Microsoft audit logs.
    Check all installed Microsoft products and versions. Ensure all users have correct versions of office for seamless collaboration. Easily identify installed Microsoft software for compatibility with 3rd party applications.
  • Software changed and installed logs.
    Determine what software has been upgraded and/or installed. Identify problems from software changes and remove vulnerable software.
  • Network audit.
    List all devices that are on your network and that have been connected to your network. Network scans are randomly done daily. For better network overview and control we recommend our network and cloud management services.
  • Admin activity logs.
    We log all admin activity performed on a machine from our management portal.
  • Technical reporting for IT.
    Reports for our IT staff to review and to help your infrastructure are also maintained. These reports are more detailed and technical.
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