Monitoring of network security, risks, vulnerabilities, logins, data liabilities, Microsoft 365, compliance, user behavior, and more.
Quarterly reviews to go over reports and services.

  • Executive summary and consolidated reports.
    Get a complete overview of your network monitoring status. Quickly identify user, network and cloud health scores and take action where needed.
  • User behavior reports.
    Track logins, Microsoft cloud services usage, and behavior anomalies.
  • Internal and External network scanning.
    Scan local network internally and external network for risks and vulnerabilities. Identify any issues and develop a plan of action.
  • Detailed network reports.
    Identify risks from users and devices. Diagram all network devices. Develop a management plan for any issues in need.
  • Microsoft 365 reports.
    Assess Azure, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, and Exchange. Identify and plan remediation on potential risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Device reports.
    Reports log possible data breach liabilies, login failures, patch assurance, and device aging. All metrics that will need remediation or to bring awareness.
  • Technical reporting for IT.
    Reports for our IT staff to review and to help your infrastructure are also maintained. These reports are more detailed and technical.
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